Veritable Business Solutions.

Veritable Business Solutions is an organization dedicated to service the industry and the public. We target to save them from the ever growing threat from fake certificates and documents.


Our service at IsOriginalCertificate.Com is a major venture to save original certificates and retain the value of original certificates from true and genuine institutes and organizations. The growth in the printing technology has made creation of fake certificate and documents very simple and generally it is very difficult to distinguish a fake one from the original one. We understand the circulation and usage of such fake certificate is so high that many employers end upon recruiting false hands bringing troubles on themselves.

We at IsOriginalCertificate.Com are protecting organizations,including educational institutes, hospitals, and business houses to protect themselves from fake certificates and documents. When they are under the protection of this umbrella it also means that they are protecting the interest of other organizations as well. Actually they are protecting each other and we are only a cause to connect them together under the wings of IsOriginalCertificate.Com

Protection to Certificate Holders

When the system protects the employers what protection the system provide to the employees or the certificate holders? The benefit to employees or beneficiaries is multi-dimensional. Employees in the role of employers are totally protected from the fake certificates presented before them in the recruitment process. This helps them in executing their duties and responsibilities in a better way. As employees once anyone is holding a certificate authenticated by the system of IsOriginalCertificate.Com nobody is likely to challenge the authenticity of the certificate. Moreover the copies of the certificate are maintained by us for 50 years. The certificate holders shall take a copy of his/her certificate at any point of time from IsOriginalCertificate.Com. They also shall send the Certificate Identification Number (CIN) to anyone they like to send a copy of their certificates so that the recipient shall take a copy of the certificate from IsOriginalCertificate. Com.

The Authenticity

Each certificate protected by IsOriginalCertificate.Com has gone through multiple levels of verifications in the process. Only the authorized hands using the allocated CIN only can upload a certificate. The uploaded certificates are subject to verification and approval by a different authority in the same organization before getting it published at IsOriginalCertificate.Com and they are also subject to monitoring by VB Solutions, providers of this service to the world.