The Value of Protection

Congratulations for holding a protected document or having a protected document for verification. This service protects both the document holders and the employers, higher education institutes, and verifying authorities by simplifying the verification process.

We assure you the following:

By our service at this website VB Solution is providing a perfect solution for a global problem. When somebody fakes a course or experience certificate the one going to suffer is an authentic certificate holder as it is his / her opportunity that will be stolen by the other. In fact a fake certificate cannot always win the game and at some point of time it will be exposed and holder should face the consequences. But the authentic certificate holder who lost the opportunity never gets the benefits of these developments.

It is the interest of authentic certificate holders to protect themselves by a system that will keep away and discourage fake certificates. That is what we have achieved by this global service. We hold your hands protecting your opportunities.

We thank you for visiting us here and verifying a document.