January 1, 2012

The Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal and private data collected when you use isoriginalcertificate.com and its products and services. We do not collect any private information _ except a few technical aspects _ from the public or verifying authority when using the site IsOriginalCertificate.Com. But we do collect personal information as people sign in guest ledger, and registering a complaint. The data will be primarily accessible to IsOriginalCertificate.Com and Veritable Documentos Pvt. Ltd., the promoters of IsOriginalCertificate.Com.

    We collect your personal information while:

  •   You register a complaint in IsOriginalCertificate.Com
  •   You sign our guest ledger at IsOriginalCertificate.Com

    We use the personal information as follows:

  •   The information you submitted while you register a complaint will be used by IsOriginalCertificate.Com only for contacting you for collecting additional information or giving clarification.

  •   The information you submitted while you sign up guest ledger will be used by IsOriginalCertificate.Com only for contacting you for a feedback.

  •   IsOriginalCertificate.Com may collect private data like your IP Address (but not limited) to help us identify genuine users. This information will be used only to block anti-social elements in misusing the facility offered by IsOriginalCertificate.Com.

  •   IsOriginalCertificate.Com or its principles do not sell or share your personal information with third parties except if demanded by law.